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A non-woven wool blend for maximum stay-dry comfort Immediate freshness 
No more annoying smack or sticky squish. 

They're non-woven, and more like a compressed cotton ball than fabric- so perspiration goes into small open areas at the bottom of the fabric and moves toward the edges to dissipate. Awesome for really hot days or excessively perspiring feet.

This is also our favourite style to use in closed shoes because moisture literally falls into crevices away from the feet, you just can't feel this dry with anything else.

Much like a cotton ball, random interlocked fibres are compressed into firm, 1/8-inch thick fabric strips. This special fabric blend is 70% wool and 30% Rayon, a perfect combination for absorption and evaporation of feet perspiration without unnecessary odour. You won't find any cotton insoles here. Cotton insoles are NOT recommended by podiatrists, since it takes way too long to dry them after becoming wet. Cotton insoles can lead to major skin problems... not something any of us would like.

SummerSoles Mens Ultra Absorbent Insoles

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