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A soft micro fibre polyester for plush softness

Instantly transforms any ordinary shoe

Perfect for high heels- and any other style you like! The suede is ultra-durable and lasts on and on. 

The woven fabric is soft and chic just like suede-bottomed shoes. Perfect for those shoes you just wish were made of suede. But even better! Because you can toss and replace these anytime you like. 

If you just hate that clammy feeling in closed shoes... these do the trick. For more absorption, switch to Absorbent. 

For the plush feel of suede, our Suede Softness line puts the icing on the cake!. Made from 100% polyester micro suede fibres, they have the look and feel of real suede. On the hottest day, they can take it. If you've been buying fabric-soled shoes or suede-soles shoes, you'll absolutely love our Suede Softness style. Foot perspiration never touches the bed of your shoes - so they never look worn! And with a simple peel and place, you can have a new sole anytime you'd like

SummerSoles Ladies Softness of Suede Insoles

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