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Just like our ultra absorbent shoe insoles Fragrant Footings Insoles work in exactly the same way but with a burst of summer fragrance. Trim, peel & stick and ahhhhhh. Dry, fresh feet with a fragrant aroma! Dermatologist tested. Hypoallergenic

The Ball of Foot Cushions, gently release a gentle burst of summer fragrance while cushioning your foot and easing the pain of being on your feet and keep the ball of your foot fresh and dry. Dermatologist tested. Hypoallergenic


 Absorbent Insoles for dry, fresh feet with Step-to-release technology that brings fine essential oils to feet - straight from the garden

Choose from 2 essential oil scents


Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine - a freshly picked-from-the-garden essence


Kiss me till Morning Mint - a breathtaking cool mint


 ...........and welcome to fragrant foot heaven

Fragrant Footing Scented Foot Pads 2 pairs

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